In 2023, an intriguing opportunity came knocking at our door through a close partner. They presented us with a brand-new Ford Mustang GT convertible boasting a striking red interior, and they were eager to embark on a unique journey. We embraced the challenge, armed with our Clinched Mustang widebody kit and Spider Top, ready to exert personal oversight over every aspect of the build.

Fully equipped with essentials such as air lift suspension, seamless air tanks, and a set of wheels and tires. We opted for a wingless design to set this project apart from other Clinched clients, selecting classic Y-spoke wheels with a step lip, white center, and polished lip. Our choice of wheels? The BC Forged MLE81.

With wheels in hand, the Mustang made its way to our trusted installers at PROLegit in Orlando. Taking charge of the transformation, they expertly installed and adjusted the suspension, masterfully cut the fenders, and flawlessly fit our widebody kit before wrapping the entire vehicle in a sleek Satin White finish.
But that's not all – mindful of the practicalities of our Clinched Spider Top, we ensured ample trunk space to stow away the soft top covers in case of inclement weather. To achieve this, we ingeniously concealed all air suspension components within the spare wheel compartment, a task expertly executed by Artem and Ivan from ProLegit. Their skillful craftsmanship not only accommodated two tanks in the compact space but also made it look so good that you won't miss opening the trunk on the car meet.

This experience provided us with a valuable opportunity to thoroughly assess all facets of our top-selling Mustang widebody kit, enabling us to meticulously refine our offerings. As a result, we have curated a comprehensive bundle deal that we are excited to extend to our clients. Our aim is not only to provide our own parts but also to establish ourselves as the ultimate destination for all your widebody requirements.

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