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“Glider” 7cm (2.7”) Fender Flares

$260.00 $220.00

Priced per pair

Adds +2.7 inches (7cm) per side
May be blended in with your fenders or left with open rivets

Comes with rubber gasket and Type 3 installation hardware


Glider 7cm (2.7″) Fender Flares

Now sold as a kit with everything you need to complete the installation. Kit includes a pair (qty.2) of flares, rubber gasket and Type 3 installation hardware.

Make sure to read this – you will need to drill and cut your original fender flares and/or quarter panels in order to install these Glider 7cm fender flares on your car.

Our Glider 7cm fender flares are mounted with rivets and bolts – you will need to drill your stock fenders and/or quarter panels.

You will need a lowered suspension and wider wheels to achieve the right stance.

Use a heatgun (or a hair dryer) to heat up the flares and mold them into place to follow factory body lines.

You may also consider these “Glider” flares in a 12cm version

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Universal Fitment

These fender flares could be installed on many makes and models with minor customization.

Check the dimensions of these flares and cross-reference with your wheel well opening.


Our flares are made out of lightweight ABS plastics – the finished product does not increase your vehicle’s weight.

High-quality Materials

We use high-quality impact-resistant and lightweight 3mm ABS plastic – same material OE bumpers are made out of.

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