BMW E82 widebody kit
BMW E82 widebody kit 2
Clinched BMW E82 widebody kit 3
Clinched BMW E82 widebody kit 4
Clinched BMW E82 widebody kit 5
Clinched BMW E82 widebody kit 5

BMW E82 Widebody Kit


High-quality precision-made ABS plastic widebody kit  for BMW E82

– Mounts using stock factory attachment points

Adds +2.8 inches (7cm) per side up front and +3.1 inch (8cm) per side out back

– Included in the kit: front fender flares, rear fender flares, side skirts, rear bumper parts, ducktail trunk spoiler (optional), front bumper lip (optional)


Clinched BMW E82 widebody kit

BMW E82-chassis cars have been enthusiasts’ favorites ever since being introduced in 2007. Fun and affordable but with all the BMW trademarks – class-leading dynamics as well terrific build quality BMWs are known for.

The widebody kit is made out of high-quality precision-made ABS plastic – same material OE bumpers are made out of. With its extremely durable qualities, ABS plastic is far superior to commonly-used fiberglass.

Parts included in the kit:

–  Front fender flares

–  Rear fender flares

–  Side skirts

–  Front bumper add-on parts

–  Front lip

–  Rear bumper add-on parts

–  Ducktail trunk spoiler


This BMW E82 widebody kit will fit all E82-platform models (128i and 135i in US and plethora of other models in RoW markets) from 2007 through 2012 and newer. The ducktail spoiler will NOT fit convertible models out of the box but some of our customers were able to modify the spoiler to make it fit.

Installation and hardware:

This BMW E82 widebody kit does NOT come with mounting hardware or rubber gaskets since some customers may prefer to have the flares blended in with the body. For those customers looking to mount the kit with exposed hardware, we offer both rubber gaskets (that go in-between the flares and body) as well as a choice of  Type 1Type 2 or Type 3 mounting hardware. The type of mounting hardware is nothing more than a personal choice.

You will need a total of 66pcs for a partial kit (no ducktail spoiler) or 84pcs for a full kit.

Please note – you will be required to cut your existing fenders and quarter panels, hence professional installation is highly recommended. Some of our clients have been succesful with DIY installations though.

All parts in this BMW E82 widebody kit come in unpainted black ABS plastic – you can paint the kit or have it wrapped. In either case, the parts will need to be primed first. is a good first step to figuring out possible wheel and tire combos.



BMW E82 widebody kit 1


The finished product does not increase the weight of the vehicle

High-quality materials

All our products are made of high-quality 3-millimeter ABS-plastic, hence its extreme durability

Fits perfectly

Factory production, based on 3D scanning and CNC technology

Clinched BMW E82 widebody kit 3
Clinched BMW E82 widebody kit 4

Full kit, Without ducktail, Without front bumper lip, Without ducktail and lip


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